US army airlifts US women’s soccer staff, American residents stranded in Honduras amid coronavirus

1) Strengthening Women’s Municipal Offices in order to articulate gender-based mostly violence prevention strategies in the municipalities of La Ceiba, Tela, Choloma and San Pedro Sula. Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but its achievement has huge socio-economic ramifications. Empowering women fuels thriving economies, spurring productiveness and development.

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Despite these altering views, the anti-abortion rights movement in Honduras remains a powerful voice advocating in opposition to the decriminalisation of abortion. When the doctor carried out a gynaecological exam, he discovered the remnants of a capsule taken to induce labour, in accordance with documents legal professionals shared with Al Jazeera. Lawyers for Paula say that the younger woman didn’t select to take the tablets.

Honduras has embraced mobile phone culture with Whatsapp and Facebook being the preferred messaging tools; some firms only use a Facebook for their on-line media. Using them might be the best way for a person to get in contact with folks. Generally, when meeting somebody shake hands, and say the phrase ‘mucho gusto’ which implies good to meet you. However, the people of Honduras (hondurenos) within the within the country aspect tends to decrease their heads as sign of respect. The excessive lockdown measures with no authorities help and subsequent-to-no social security web have compelled many Hondurans into the streets.

This regional political culture immediately influenced occasions at the nationwide level, argues Euraque. Specifically, the military coup of 1972 drew its ideology and civilian leaders from the North Coast, and as a result, the brand new regime was in a position to efficiently channel popular unrest into state-sponsored reform tasks. Based on lengthy-ignored sources in Honduran and American archives and on interviews, the book signals a major reinterpretation of recent Honduran historical past.

Bertha Zúniga, co-ordinator for the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organisations of Honduras (COPINH), rallies pals and allies throughout a commemorative ceremony for her mother in Río Blanco on Oct. 21, 2017. Photo by Elizabeth McSheffreyA few days later, one other group of girls delved into issues of gender inequality, soaring rates of femicide and systemic corruption. But they did so in a refined Tegucigalpa hotel room over cheese, avocados and sausage. Honduran women are paying for his or her rights with their lives — a toll that continues to climb in the wake of a violent and controversial federal election.

Their phases may be disparate, but these two teams of ladies are champions of the same cause in Honduras. They fight for democracy and human rights in what analysts name a “captive state,” held hostage by organized crime, clandestine power teams and politicians easily swayed by both. The change aimed to construct cross-border connections and learning, and explore how to connect our methods to combat violence, climate change, corruption, and the crises of governance in our countries. Women human proper defenders in Honduras usually endure threats, defamation and manipulation from public officers and politicians. Government authorities and media managed by a handful of enterprise teams proceed to discredit women human rights defenders by falsely maligning them as terrorists, drug traffickers and customary criminals.

There are restricted prospects for rising production of traditional crops in the region, as well as few off-farm employment opportunities. High-value horticulture, however, can generate earnings on restricted landholdings, and provides a promising method for women and their families to escape from poverty.

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Using an ethnographic approach, monetary and social remittances were proven to improve inside migrants’ quality of life, aiding their adjustment process. Ortez-Cruz got here to the United States from Honduras in 2002, fleeing excessive domestic violence. She was stabbed a number of occasions by a former companion, spending over a month within the hospital at age 19. She is the mom of four youngsters, three of whom are U.S. citizens.

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Seeing how many youngsters struggle in her nation is a part of the rationale she believes women should be capable of have abortions. Evidence reveals views on abortion within Honduras are altering, nonetheless. A survey carried out by public opinion firm Le Vote in 2017 found that 60 p.c of Honduran men and 64 percent of Honduran women have been in favour of approving abortion in circumstances of rape, an unviable fetus, or danger to the mother’s life. Women’s rights organisations have struggled to identify the entire variety of women convicted or accused of abortion.

It is bounded to the north by the Caribbean Sea coastlines and to the south by the Pacific Ocean. It can also be surrounded by nations, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

He has labored in the Canadian authorities, personal sector, and non-profit sector in communications, translation, journalism, public engagement, international coverage and worldwide development. Canada signed a free commerce agreement with Honduras and it got here into force on October 1, 2014, which is a supply of delight for Honduras. Labour and environmental side agreements were also signed to handle concerns expressed by civil society groups and Indigenous Peoples in both nations about the impact of free trade.