Santa Ana Central Jail and Inmate Information

Call Apollo Bail Bonds at 714-372-3100


The Santa Ana Jail offers a variety of telephone services:

  • Telephones are available in all modules and the booking intake area.
  • Telephones are provided in the dayroom for daily use during dayroom hours.
  • Inmates can choose to charge the calls collect, through a pre-paid account or phone card.
  • The general public may establish pre-paid accounts by calling Inmate Calling Solutions (ICS) at (888) 506-8407.
  • Inmates may not receive telephone calls.
  • Phone features such as call waiting, hold, and three-way calling are not allowed and will result in calls being disconnected.
  • All telephone numbers dialed and conversations will be recorded and may be monitored without further notice. (Exception: Attorney offices if the inmate provides the attorney’s office number).

 To send mail to inmates:

Mail for inmates should be addressed as follows:

Last Name, First Name
Booking #, Module & Cell #
c/o Santa Ana Jail P.O. Box 22003
Santa Ana, CA 92701

  • Mail is delivered to inmates Monday through Friday.
  • All mail is subject to search. Inmate non-legal mail will be scanned prior to delivery.
  • Inmates may not receive any mail, books, or magazines containing pornographic, gang, or violence-related materials.
  • All letters coming in and out of the facility must be by U.S. Mail. (FedEx, UPS, etc. not accepted)
  • Magazines and newspapers must come directly from the publisher.
  • Only packages containing paperback books may be accepted. (Inmates may only have five books in their cell.) Packages exceeding the limitations will be returned.
  • Legal correspondence must be clearly labeled “Legal Mail.” Such correspondence will be delivered and searched in the presence of the recipient inmate.
  • No cash can be accepted by mail.


Nursing services for inmates are currently available 24 hours per day.

On-site psychiatric counseling and dental services have also been implemented. The expansion of these medical services has resulted in fewer medical rejects at booking, fewer transports to the hospital, and a reduction of inmate grievances involving medical issues.

 The Santa Ana Jail administers a Commissary program for the inmates.

Commissary Guidelines:

  • Inmates desiring to purchase items not provided to them can purchase items from Commissary.
  • Persons wishing to deposit funds into an inmate’s account may do so at the Santa Ana Jail Front Lobby.  The Jail’s Front Lobby is open everyday 7:00 a.m. to 1130 a.m and from 1:00 p.m.9:00 p.m. to assist the public.
  • Visitors may depositUnited Statescurrency, money orders, and cashiers checks to an inmate’s account. Cashiers checks, and money orders must be made out to the City ofSanta Ana.  Personal or business checks are not accepted.
  • These funds are available for the inmate to use the day after they are placed on the inmate’s account.
  • Possession of monies by an inmate is forbidden.
  • Funds may not be transferred from the account of one inmate to the account of another inmate.
  • Cashiers checks and money orders may also be sent to the inmate by mail for deposit into the inmate’s account.  Annotate the booking number on the reference line of the check or money order.
  • Inmates receive a receipt of each account transaction.