RIP Dorry Plotkin

I’m sad to hear the passing of fellow Bail Bondsman Dorry Plotkin. RIP Dorry! Please read below:

Sean Plotkin wrote:

Dear  friend,

​I want to thank you for the   precious time you shared with my father.  It’s been a blessing to have   you be part of his life.  His passing took me quite by surprise and I am   still gathering my breath to continue “fighting the fight.”  Many, many   people have come to me asking, “Is there anything I can do to help, please let   me know.”  To this, I did not know how to utilize their love and support   until last night.  I’d like for everyone that was a part of Dorry’s life   to write a story or stories, good or bad, brief or long about their encounters   and/or memories of Dorry on his websites which I am making and

​Being that you were an   important part of his life and that I was not always aware of everything,   every place and every detail in his life nor could I have been since he was   playfully secretive and defiantly independent even to his death, I would like   to see if you would be willing to detail the places that he   frequented, all of them that you can think of regardless of how irrelevant   they may have seemed in order to help   me find people that remember Dorry.  I would   like to get their   contact information, email, phone number, mailing address, name and nature of   their friendship.  This way I can have my staff get in contact with these   people and invite them to the memorial, as well as leave their   stories Dorry’s legacy on his website.

​I hope that   as we find   one, we find another and   another in the never ending resource of his friends and their shared   experiences.  This needs to be done quickly as we have amemoriam for Dorry but I have pushed it   back so that we can have time to accomplish the task.  If you are unable   topersonally participate, I would appreciate your   knowledge and memories so that I can instruct others to go where you are   unable.

​The pain and hole that I   feel is so large and overwhelming and one of the only ways I can bring my   father back is through the stories, adulation and perspectives of the   greatness in which he maintained his life.  Please help me and my family   in this journey to be better able to honor and remember Dorry forever   on.

Thank   you for very much for being a powerfully positive   part of my father’s life,

 Sean Plotkin