Orange County Jail Information

The Central Jail Complex (CJX) consists of the Central Men’s Jail (CMJ), Central Women’s Jail (CWJ), Intake/Release Center (IRC), and Transportation Bureau. The complex comes under the command of one Division Commander, Captain Mike Krueger, who oversees daily operations for the entire complex and 639 dedicated men and women assigned to the CJX.

The four bureaus that make up the CJX are inter-connected by a series of tunnels and corridors which make efficient movement between each facility possible.

The Central Men’s and Central Women’s Jail opened in November of 1968 and are traditional linear style (cell block and dormitory) facilities which house both sentenced and pre-trial maximum-security inmates.

The Intake/Release Center opened in January of 1988. Its opening facilitated a prompt and safer environment where arrestees are booked, released, or transferred to other facilities. The IRC is constructed in a multi-storied, five-module configuration, with self contained housing areas which provide a safe and secure environment for both inmates and staff.

During the booking process inmates are medically triaged, searched, photographed and fingerprinted. Later they are interviewed by the Classification Detail and placed in an appropriate housing location.

Transportation is an integral part of the Orange County Jail system. This bureau’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, transporting inmates to court, work sites, hospitals, state prison, out of county jails, and other OCSD facilities.

Orange County Central Phone Number is 714-647-4666

Orange County Sheriff’s Department
Central Jail Complex
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