I hope this project to proceed in accordance with the legislative procedure.

Despite such a revolutionary change in the law does not, however, lifted the ban on strike. It stems directly from Article. 19 paragraph. 2 of the Act of 23 May 1991. On solving labor disputes (Journal of Laws of 2019.

Pos. 174 and 730), indicating that it is unacceptable to organize a strike among the police, the Border Guard and the Prison Service. – This restriction actually receives trade weapon in the fight – adds Paul Galec. – Because in many cases improves the threat of a strike mediation with employers who are more then willing to make concessions – he adds. Who can get the cheapest credit on the Polish market / ** / (function (d, s, d) {var js = vtjs d.getElementsByTagName (s) [0]; if (d.getElementById (d)) return; js = d.createElement (s); js.id = id; js.src = “https://videotarget.pl/v1/sdk.js” vtjs.parentNode.insertBefore (js vtjs)} (document, “script “” vt-SDK “)); / ** / As noted Piontkovsky, this year is more than 725 thousand. students who finish elementary school or junior high school. For those students prepared 830 thousand. places in secondary schools. “It is clear from this account that more than 103 thousand. Sites is more prepared than graduates of primary and secondary schools. It is now clear that the junior high school graduates and graduates of primary schools are involved in two separate recruitment” – podkreślił.zobacz also: What if you do not get to the selected school. Further Recruitment step by step, “Piontkovsky said that thanks to the curators Ministry managed to collect data on how it looks after the recruitment of the first stage of most provinces.

He pointed out that when it comes to the difference between Bialystok free places that have not been filled after the first stage of recruitment and the number of students who will participate in the recruitment of supplementary amounts to 1,100 to approx. 900 students. “So we have a stock of more than 100 people in one city” – he stressed. He added that in the case of Gdansk, this difference is even higher – more than one thousand vacancies for students participating in the recruitment of supplementary. “There is a similar number in other cities” – zapewnił.zobacz also Kaznowska: Upchnęliśmy in Warsaw 2 thousand. students in schools. We are afraid of corridors and toilets overflow »By Piontkowskiego in Krakow is still nearly 1,400 vacancies in schools. “Definitely (pupils – PAP) have to choose” – rating. “Similarly, in Lublin, where the difference is almost three times, in the case of Olsztyn over 100 additional places,” – he added. We need to get used to more rapid increase in the price / ** / (function (d, s, d) {var js = vtjs d.getElementsByTagName (s) [0]; if (d.getElementById (d)) return; js = d.createElement (s); js.id = id; js.src = “https://videotarget.pl/v1/sdk.js” vtjs.parentNode.insertBefore (js vtjs)} (document, “script “” vt-SDK “)); / ** / I hope that next week it will be the time when we tried to enter a bill (about scooters – PAP) to the work of the government – the minister told reporters. “I hope this project to proceed in accordance with the legislative procedure. The project is practically ready” – he added. “We are talking about devices, transportation, electric-powered. It is a vehicle” – he said the minister asked, should be treated as an electric scooter.

Currently, Polish law does not have regulations that apply to electric scooters, because their users are treated as pedestrians, who should benefit from the sidewalks. Recently, a spokesman for the Ministry of Infrastructure Huptyś Simon told PAP that the ministry regulating the use of public roads by people moving electric scooters. Then he announced that the finished draft amendment is to appear in the second quarter also br.zobacz: Electric scooters are not eco. Equipment from China lives a few months and goes in the trash »” In view of the growing popularity and availability of transport equipment, personal power and their participation in traffic, and also due to the fact that the use of these devices is questionable in terms of compliance with laws, regulations indicated above devices will be the subject of a separate amendment to the law on road traffic “- explained the spokesman. He pointed out that the ministry recognizes the need for rules to regulate the use of public roads by people moving devices using personal transportation and the requirements for these devices.

Minister for Enterprise and technology Jadwiga Emilewicz in the media recently suggested moving scooters on sidewalks with bike paths, as well as the obligation to ride in a helmet and to define a minimum age of the user. “As for scooters, a few months ago we had a conversation with the minister Adamczyk to before the spring season to try to deal with this problem” – also mówiła.zobacz: Electric Scooters: Where can they go? “Some of the leading European economies have provisions allowing for the use of electric scooters. Served as mid-May Bloomberg, in the UK the lack of guidelines has prompted the government to open the biggest review of existing legal norms, some of which dates back to 1835. Regulations ws. Navigate electric scooters on the roads and cycle paths was introduced in Germany. In mid-May the Bundesrat upper house of parliament passed a law allowing persons over the age of 14 to move electric scooters with a maximum speed of 20 km / h through the streets and cycle paths.

In the summer gasoline is road / ** / (function (d, s, d) {var js = vtjs d.getElementsByTagName (s) [0]; if (d.getElementById (d)) return; js = d.createElement (s); js.id = id; js.src = “https://videotarget.pl/v1/sdk.js” vtjs.parentNode.insertBefore (js vtjs)} (document, “script”, ” VT-SDK “)); / ** / In early January Morawiecki Development Minister and Finance declared that the fight against phishing schemes VAT is an absolute priority, “because there are hidden billions.” The so-called. VAT owska gap estimated at 40-60 billion zł. On Friday, PAP Morawiecki asked whether the ministry intends to withdraw from the idea of ​​setting up a central register of invoices, as recently reported by the press. “There is absolutely no such plan, to reduce the weight of the project central register of invoices. Expanding the scope of the Single File Control, we have more and more knowledge as to who, how, and who pays for what. Very happy with it, because in February, March will be able to proceed to a meticulous analysis that will show english homework helper us which way to flee our taxes. And this is the number one task for the Minister of Finance for this year “- he stressed. “We need to seal the tax system in such an amount that the great social and welfare expenditure, which we have made, to be able to finance them without deterioration of the fiscal position,” – he added.

Morawiecki was also asked about the possibility of introducing VAT in a split payment mechanism, which is divided payments. VAT is not payable in such a case goes to the account of the seller, but specially dedicated account. “First we make some analysis and then pass the information on this. I think maybe in a month, the two will know more on this. As for the split payment (…), this is the thing that is also subject to talks with the European Commission, it is difficult now to talk about it without preliminary agreement with the EU “- reserved. (PAP) On Friday, the president of the PNA Slawomir Broniarz Money.pl announced in collecting signatures for the civil bill, which makes the amount of salaries of teachers of the minimum wage or the national average. To project came to the Sejm, it would be under the sign of at least 100 thousand. people. “I’d have to see what would be the consequences of this solution in the long run.

I’m not an economist by training, so that it is difficult to me at the moment to assess. This is one of the elements that you can consider. Let me remind you that Solidarity some time ago reported a similar idea related to the average wage in the economy. One and the other is about to consider, “- he said. Asked by journalists about when these issues will be considered, he said, that is certainly not before the election. “Before the election, for sure we will not do any major changes, if only because there is no longer meeting the Sejm, and this would require an amendment of the Charter of the teacher and do that in this term is no longer possible. Same unions considered that before the elections already in basically there is no possibility of such a change and certainly is a topic for after the elections, “- he stressed. “Surely this can not be done in one slice. When I talked with the trade unions, proposed that we have linked several elements: the system of remuneration of teachers with the system of professional promotion and evaluation of the work of teachers, so that he had the motivation aspect.

These three elements connected together perhaps also talk about the teaching load, should create a uniform system, which for a long time should solve system to reward teachers. But that is a discussion for several months, because there are a few things very essential from the point of view of teachers and I do not want it to be done hastily that aroused some controversy. It has to be wydyskutowane widely, not only among themselves trade unions, but perhaps eg. by round tables or any debate regional, so that teachers themselves, not only through trade unions, able to express their opinion on ideas that will be reported, “- said, .See also increases for teachers in 2020: Changes in the budget is not there. Local governments will pay? »Increased subsidy Vs. the problem with funding increases for teachers. Check to see who is right in a dispute MEN – governments “Piontkovsky The Minister also referred to the Law and Justice program, which provides addiction teachers’ salaries from the effects of time and work, as well as setting clear rules for the financing of education. The document can be read that “the current system, linking funds mainly from the state budget (grants and educational subsidy) measures local government, derived from participation in public taxes, is imprecise, causes (…) disputes about the powers and responsibilities, and sometimes the consequences of negligence in the level of school funding. clearly define the financial responsibility of the State and local government for education and competence of individual types of public authorities in this field “- written in the program. “This is only the reflection of these ideas and proposals that appeared earlier. Let me remind you that after my conversations with corporations local government suggests that some governments would be willing to such a solution to at least teachers’ salaries have been taken over by the state, but of course, remains a technical solution, if accepted such a solution: if it would mean that the money would no longer be in the budgets of local governments, if it would mean also that it would reduce the share of local governments in the PIT or CIT? there are also more radical ideas that the state completely took over the duties related to the education system but, as I say, today certainly radical such proposals will not be reported, because they also need to be discussed and carefully calculated. for today the ministry is not ready to present such proposals, “- said the Minister. “The same is true of the remuneration, which will reflect the results of the teacher’s work.

And it is the demand often appears at a round table. There, especially parents, but also the teachers and students say that there must be some element that will better gratyfikował teachers who work better, more time to devote to students. Today we often talk of such a complete alignment that all teachers receive the same salary, regardless of whether they work well or to get involved in the school or not. in my opinion the the need to go back. I also often repeated that there must be some element of motivation, but it should be linked with the entire system of remuneration, career advancement and be part of a larger whole, and not just only one element. this passage on a larger remuneration for a long time is obviously, today works, because if the teacher is no god zines overtime, his salary after automatically increases, because it has more hours, for which he receives remuneration “- he said. “At the moment there is no systemic, holistic solutions. We will be presented after the elections,” – he assured.

Representative government in Berlin defended the pipeline project and stressed that the European Union should ensure that Ukraine still receive payment for the transit of natural gas through its territory, even after the construction of the Nord Stream 2. Altmaier accused the US of trying to block the project – built with the participation of the Russian state Gazprom and a consortium of European energy companies – in order to increase exports of its own shale gas. “(The Americans) are looking for markets (sales), which we can understand, and may find easy to find. But (gas supplied from the US) is much more expensive than gas supplied by pipeline, so the same block Nord Stream 2 is not guaranteed (USA) exports, “- stressed the German politician. He added that the European Union strongly respond to attempts made by the US submission US interests over the interests of the American economic partners. “The United States is our friend and partner, and we want to defend our common values. But if you apply a (base) + America primarily + (slogan of US President Donald Trump – PAP) and (Americans) will submit their own economic interests above the interests of others, should expect that Europe will define their own interests and will fight for it, “- noted Altmaier.zobacz also OCCP actions may delay the Nord Stream project 2» minister, considered a close associate of Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke on the day on which the German Chancellor Sochi is due to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Nord Stream is a project of numbering 2 1200 km bus with two mains gas through the Baltic Sea from Vyborg in Russia to Greifswald in Germany. The pipeline, whose construction started in Germany on Tuesday, will be ready by the end of 2019.

Because after this year, Russia plans to stop gas transmission pipelines running through the territory of Ukraine. Poland, the Baltic states and Ukraine are opposed to this project. Gazprom predicts that after Nord Stream 2 transit through Ukraine may be maintained in the “a scale” for the Ukrainian party must establish “the economic desirability of the new contract” transit. Nord Stream 2 has run parallel to the running in 2011. Nord Stream gas pipeline.

Russian Gazprom’s partners in this project are Western energy companies: the Austrian OMV, German BASF-Wintershall and Uniper, Engi French and Anglo-Dutch Royal Dutch Shell. The minimum wage will not be the basis for calculating the initial capital for the period of compulsory military service prior to the entry into force of the pension reform in 1999.