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The ERC-1155 token standard allows developers to deploy a single smart contract and then mint new tokens in a matter of seconds. An NFT or non-fungible token is a completely unique blockchain-based digital asset. A non-fungible token is a special type of cryptographic token which represents something unique; non-fungible tokens are thus not mutually interchangeable. This is in contrast to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, and many erc-721 network or utility tokens that are fungible in nature. Licensing Issues – Brands, content creators, and publishers have trouble forming viable licensing agreements concerning branded virtual goods they want to create. BLMP creates self-enforcing smart contracts by storing instructions in the blockchain, making it easier for all participants to form such agreements. This seems familiar… What’s the difference with ERC20 tokens?

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Are Bitcoin mixers illegal?

Coin mixers, or tumblers, are legally used by bitcoin owners to merge their transactions with those of other users, providing a degree of onchain privacy that Bitcoin does not provide by default. Mixers can also be used by criminals for the same purpose.

That becomes impossible if there is no direct transfer call; the contract can’t be given a token, it has to call takeOwnership. Non-Fungible erc-721 tokens have spawned new types of collectible digital assets as well as new infrastructure for blockchain-based games.

Which ethereum standard enables both fungible and non fungible tokens in the same contract?

On September 20th 2017, the ERC-721 standard was proposed, defining a new smart contract standard to allow for the creation and issuance of non- fungible tokens. Unlike fungible tokens which are interchangeable amongst each other, non-fungible tokens are unique and can create verifiable digital scarcity.

Nonfungible Tokens: Unique Digital Assets With Interesting Applications

Two of the most common ERC token standards are ERC20 and ERC721. They are used respectively to represent fungible assets and non-fungible assets.


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Well, while an ERC20 token represents a single type of asset, an ERC721 token represents a class of assets. In the case of CryptoKitties, its ERC721 token contract represents ALL the unique kitties in the game, as well as who owns which. The second function allows a third-party Ethereum address to do a token transfer on behalf of the actual owner of the coin. This is very similar to credit cards where merchants can be allowed to debit credit cards erc-721 on behalf of their owner. The big difference is that in the case of ERC20 tokens, we only allow a third party to spend a specific amount of tokens, but not a potentially large or unlimited amount, like for credit cards. In smart contracts the code is organized into logical groups called “functions”. The interface of the smart contract is a description of what its functions should do, and the implementation is the actual code of the functions.

Are Bitcoins fungible?

Bitcoin is fungible
For example, fiat money is fungible as $20 notes are interchangeable with all other (real) $20 notes. Similarly, one Bitcoin is equal to one Bitcoin, and it’s equal to all other Bitcoins. This makes fungibility completely essential to the concept of currency, whether they be crypto or otherwise.

All Cryptokitties tokens would have this symbol indicating that they are part of the Cryptokitties smart contract. This will appear on all tokens you mint for your smart contract. With at least two erc-721 tokens, you can create a distinct type of NFT called a composable. For example, your composable might be a digital house, and each room would be represented by one NFT. The ERC-998 standard would let you sell all the rooms as a single house instead of trying to unload each room separately. Ether – The underlying token or crypto currency powering the Ethereum blockchain.

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What are erc20 tokens?

What are ERC-20 tokens? ERC-20 tokens are tokens designed and used solely on the Ethereum platform. They follow a list of standards so that they can be shared, exchanged for other tokens, or transferred to a crypto-wallet. The Ethereum community created these standards with three optional rules, and six mandatory.

You can trade U.S. dollars for ether using an exchange such as Coinbase. Ethereum – An open source blockchain platform that enables smart contracts erc-721 to run, enabling the creation of NFT’s and a multitude of other uses. Hey, we’re building a smart contract insurance platform at


In this article we will break down the structure of ERC20 and ERC721 tokens, and see how they work. Ethereum tokens became popular in 2016 / 2017 when they started to become widely used by ICOs to represent utility or ownership. Later, in 2017, Ethereum tokens also started to be used to represent in-game assets, like in the famous game CryptoKitties.

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Nonfungible Tokens (NFT’s) provide a method to record the ownership of indivisible and unique assets on a blockchain. Being “non-fungible” as noted earlier, means they are irreplaceable and non-interchangeable. You have created and have possession of unique glass-blown artwork (each having a serial/lot erc-721 number) which you would like to sell using the Ethereum or Wanchain mainnet. You will sell non-fungible tokens and the buyers would be able to trade those to other people. You commit to anybody holding these tokens that they may redeem their token and take physical possession of the art.