Buster Baxter

Buster Baxter

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Buster Baxter is really a grader that is third Lakewood Elementary class. He’s in Mr. Ratburn’s third level class together with his closest friend Arthur browse, while the sleep of his buddies. He resides in Elwood City in a condominium along with his divorced mom, Bitzi Baxter.

Last life

Whenever Buster had been a child, he had been using a shirt that is purple disposable diapers (colored gray instead of white to avoid blending in together with his white skin), and red and white sneakers. As he had been around couple of years old, he wore a dark bluish-green sweater and light bluish-green shorts and sneakers. It had been additionally revealed in “Arthur’s Baby” when he had been 2–3 years of age he would cause their mother large amount of difficulty by “stealing” meals (fundamentally eating them with out paid for them).

Future life

Buster Baxter at 13 yrs. Old

At the final end associated with episode “The Contest”. Their mind is more oval-shaped in which he is shown putting on a black colored and brown layer with some yellowish, a set of blue jeans and black colored footwear. In another, he could be using a blues fancy coat white long sleeve shirt

Family and house

Buster may be the only son or daughter of Bitzi and Bo Baxter. Their moms and dads are divorced; 9 he lives together with his mom in a condominium in main Elwood City. Their mom is just a “worrywart” who usually fears for Buster’s wellbeing throughout their life that is daily in subsequent seasons she’s discovered to relax more. They’ve been excessively close and they are like close friends. Buster moved on many travels together with his dad, such as for instance within the spin-off show, Postcards from Buster. Their daddy, bes 10

A fellow photographer and journalist at the Elwood City Times in recent seasons, Bitzi started dating Harry Mills. After recovering from his theory that is initial Harry an alien, Buster became close friends with Harry, having provided similar passions in recreations, aliens, etc. 11 Buster was disappointed to find out that their mom separated with Harry much afterwards into the show, 12 however the three of those stay the very best of friends.

Various Other Media

Into the lifestyle Books on-line games such as for example Arthur’s Teacher difficulty, Arthur’s Birthday and Arthur’s Computer Adventure, Buster’s complexions ranged from white to cream-colored. Within these three games, he was voiced by Robert Bell ahead of the cartoon show replaced him with Daniel Brochu.


  • Buster in the summer time garments
  • Buster in their dinosaur pajamas and slippers that are aardvark
  • Buster putting on swim that is orange.
  • Buster in their detective clothing
  • Buster inside the blue tuxedo
  • Buster in a hat and connect.
  • P1010066. JPG Buster inside the Grebes ensemble
  • Buster as Kenny
  • Buster being a fly
  • Buster being a woodcutter
  • Buster putting on a mail cap.
  • Buster using a suit
  • Buster using a black colored coat, red scarf, sunglasses, blue jeans, and black colored footwear
  • Buster using their recreations garments.
  • Buster as an infant
  • Buster as a new baby
  • Buster in kindergarten.
  • Buster’s first look in Arthur’s Eyes (1979).
  • Buster putting on their washing limit.
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Buster is definitely an anthropomorphic rabbit that is white wears a long-sleeve cyan polo top with red collar, blue jeans, orange boxer shorts having a UFO design (white briefs when you look at the books), and red and white sneakers. He just wore suspenders on their jeans during Buster’s Amish Mismatch. Into the publications, he wears different-colored tops. He also offers buck-teeth which are noticeable as he starts their lips (within the books that are early their money teeth had been specially noticeable along with his mouth closed, but the television series and soon after books had their dollar teeth just visible along with his mouth available). Their sleepwear carries a purple button-up pajama top with dark red dinosaur designs, dark red pajama bottoms, and aardvark slippers. Their swimwear includes blue trunks that are swimming periwinkle dots. In “D.W. All Wet”, their mother needed him www.datingmentor.org/waplog-review to put on a washing limit to help keep their ears covered, however in numerous subsequent episodes, Buster not wears the bathing cap. On formal occasions, Buster wears a navy-blue tuxedo coat. He additionally often wears a white top, red bow tie, matching trousers and brown footwear. He had whiskers like a normal rabbit, but the whiskers were removed in Arthur’s April Fool in 1983 when he first appeared in Arthur’s Eyes in 1979.


Buster is easygoing, fun-loving, and significantly odd. He’s got an interest that is strong area aliens, 13 and claims to have experienced traveling saucers over Elwood City. Their easygoing character frequently takes its cost on their performance in school: he often has difficulty completing reports, mathematics projects, and guide reports. Nonetheless, it is usually that the performance that is poor because of not enough work in the place of low intelligence. 14 As seen with a few topics he’s got a pastime in, such as for instance paleontology, he’s provided answers smart sufficient to wow Brain. 15 generally speaking, Buster includes an attention span that is somewhat short. He does not have the persistence for reading publications, unless it is a written guide he actually likes (for instance the Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club Series). 16 He has also difficulty maintaining secrets. 17 18 19