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If you only see the option to CONTINUE at the bottom of the screen press ENTER one time to continue to the screen that you need to be at. I know that I may be too late but wanted to post the answer so anyone else with the same problem sees it. ON a side not my WD20ears is connected to a HDD dock. Can the hdd dock be the cause of my drive suddenly going RAW ?

Find more information. dll files that are needed were downloaded from https://wikidll.com/

I recommend doing a full format so that it looks at every sector to make sure that there is no damage. Remember, this will completely erase all data so make sure that you got everything you need. If there was no indication of physical damage when you did the S.M.A.R.T. tests mentioned in my post then it should be safe to reformat the drive and continue to use it.

How to hide Control Panel settings on Windows 10

That will only work if the drive is using GPT instead of MBR. A 750GB drive ob a Windows PC is almost always MBR . If you have and it did not help, look in the folder where testdisk_win.exe is, you should see a file called testdisk.log . When I perform the short test it says completed without error. Try the DEEPER SEARCH and see if that finds the partition. If you still have difficulty after the DEEPER SEARCH completes, send me a copy of the TESTDISK.LOG file and I will try to determine what you can try next. I to had trouble in detecting my hats drive through gsmart, but THANX in the end.

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Once everything has been copied i will run chkdsk and let you know how it goes. You will need to have enough space on another disk to copy them to. I had this problem due to a power surge and followed the above steps.

I’m using ‘WD My Passport Ultra’ 1 TB Harddisk with an embedded password protection feature. It’s a built in software created by the manufacturer called ‘WD Unlocker’ for this device. It has been a real life saver, HOWEVER, my Seagate drive still needs to be formatted according to Windows 8.1. after quick search and deep search, still no partitions are found. There are companies that have the equipment required to remove the chips and attempt to extract the data. Thanks for the responses and thank you though for this wonderful tutorial and your enthusiasm for helping everyone with questions. It has definitely inspired me to get serious about preserving my data in the future.

Till now, I was unaware of TestDisk and was very tensed but your post has given me some hope. Also, my log file has a ton of characters that look like script you’d see in Star Wars, that’s probably not good, or normal. In the email, please tell me the commands that you executed while trying to mount the drive. I then checked the folder outside of the TestDisk and the content was there – EVERYTHING!!! I guess if you needed to you could go in and manually choose the other folders and do the same for them.

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I tried to use Testdisk but did not understand how to use it so I installed HDDScan. The ‘005 Value’ is 94 so is more that 5 but the ‘197 Current Pending Errors Count’ is 001. However, when I did the SMART short offline tests, they are completed and seconds and status is finished. I then started a new Quick search, except this time using the EFI EPT setting that TestDisk had determined. As like the first time, the EFI EPT based quick search is very slow and I have no idea if it will even work. I am now on hour 29 of the quick search and at approximately 66%. At some point the search must have sped up and then slowed back down again because if the search rate had remained constant I should only be at 29%.

  • While Control Panel still continues to be a part of Windows 10, Microsoft is planning to kill off the famous System applet of the Control Panel.
  • There are several functions that Microsoft needs to move to Settings before it sunsets the Control Panel.
  • For instance, Settings app does not have a replacement page for “Additional Power Settings”, which still opens the Control Panel.

Also the HDD dock was connected to my ASUS AC68 router when this issue happened. And thank you for such quick reply, this has taken up my weekend and feel it’ll been some time yet to go. I may be able to suggest a different way to access the S.M.A.R.T. data if you can give me that information. My 1 TB WD Passport went corrupt with very important data.